• What are Tenax fasteners and how to fit Tenax fasteners

    Tenax fasteners have been established for well over 70 years now. Originally used on military vehicles and garments they can now be found on fire and rescue equipment, caravans, luxury boats and more commonly the classic car market (Morgan, Triumphs, Mg Midgets, Ac Cobra, Austin Healey to name a few. With a full patent Tenax snap locking fasteners have enjoyed a world wide reputation wherever a compact and secure fitting when a quick release facility is required. The fastener is self locking and remain engaged to its peg until the release is required which is achieved simply by a pinch of the button top. A variety of different fittings and pegs with various thread lengths means that a wide range material thicknesses can be accommodated. Now I will briefly introduce you to each of the fasteners we currently stock.


    Tenax fastener range made in england classic car hood

    Above you will see the range we offer. 


    Tenax button and locking nut fastener

    The Tenax button and locking nut

    The button and locking nut are the two parts that attach to your canvas. Very simple to fit as only a single circular hole is required then you tighten the nut against the fabric with a key provided. They can come is 4 different designs. Knurled knobs and broad knobs. The knurled knob in the picture is the most common. 

    Tenax canvas pegs for attaching canvas to canvas
    The Tenax canvas peg

    The only other tenax fastener to attach to the fabric. Using the canvas peg and the button and nut will allow you to attach canvas to canvas. Like the button and nut its very simple to attach. The canvas pegs come in various lengths to allow for thicker canvas to be used. In the picture is the shortest of the range. 

    Tenax 2ba stud fasteners and nut also whitworth tenax
    Tenax threaded studs

    Tenax have three sizes of threaded studs in their range. The 2ba thread, the whiteworth 3/16" and the 3/32" special peg. They can either be bought as in the picture (standard stud) or can have a shouldered stud where the tip is slightly raised. Below I have added a picture of a shouldered 2 hole base stud where you can see the difference. 

    Tenax 2 hole base fasteners stud peg shoulderedTenax 2 hole base stud

    Depending on your application Tenax also can offer the two hole base stud. This means you can fix the stud to a car, boat deck or caravan by using whatever you want to pass through the holes. You could rivet, screws, tap, etc....These also come in both shouldered and standard version. 

    Tenax woodscrew self tap studTenax woodscrew stud

    Last but not least the simplest and most common way to attach the tenax stud to your project. Simply drill a small pivot hole and screw in this stud. Again it can be bought shouldered or standard. 

    Tenax may be a more expensive option when coming to fasten your canopy down but they are completely rust proof, over 70 years or proven usage and in their own words.... The original and still the best. 

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