• 316 A4 Stainless Steel wire rope cable 7x7

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Our stainless steel wire rope is made from AISI 316 A4 stainless steel
This ensure the best resistance from corrosion especially salt water environments.
The 7x7 wire rope construction means it has 7 strands of wire each with 7 fibres. This makes this wire rope more flexible than 1x19 or 1x7. It is the most common construction of wire rope.

How this listing works

  • Simply select the size of wire rope you need
  • Then select the length you require

    I understand the exact length you need may not be listing so just purchase longer than you need and cut. You will usually get a few cm's more than stated anyway

    Please read

    Each length will be cut as a complete length. So 10 metres will be 10 metres and not two 5 metres lengths.
    If you require 10 metres cut in two lengths then you need to purchase two 5 metres lengths. (one exception below)
    Final point, Anything 100m and below is a cut length, Our complete reels only come in 100m (occasionally) and 250m (always),  so when purchasing 500 metres you will receive two 250 metres reels.

    Note: Simplex and Duplex clamps 3mm or over are only to be used with 7x19 wire. 7x7 wire is not flexible enough
    ( If using 3mm, 4mm or 5mm 7x7 wire I would advise just using the standard wire clamps with this )




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