• Stainless steel wire rope , clamps , thimbles and accessories 316 A4 marine grade

316 A4 stainless steel wire rope clamps, grips, thimbles, simplex and duplex clamps
Our wire rope is made from 316 A4 Stainless steel and is perfect for balustrade and fencing

 Our stainless steel wire rope clamps and thimbles are made from AISI 316 A4 stainless steel

This ensure the best resistance from corrosion especially salt water environments.

Note: Simplex and Duplex clamps 4mm or over are only to be used with 7x19 wire. 7x7 wire is not flexible enough
( If using 4mm or 5mm 7x7 wire I would advise just using the standard wire clamps with this )


Some customer photos.



stainless steel wire rope sleeve wooden post316 a4 stainless steel wire ropestainless steel wire rope balustrade